Cardinal River Energy
Cardinal River Energy I LLC is a privately owned, independent oil and gas company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company serves as the General Partner of Cardinal River Energy I LP, an Oklahoma limited partnership that owns operated and non-operated interests in over 700 wells located in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana and Illinois. 

During its history, the company has achieved significant reserve growth at very low finding costs, and through its hedging strategies has been able to maximize its investment returns while mitigating the impact of volatile oil and gas prices. From its beginning as a non-operator that participated in third party prospects, the company now develops and operates its own prospects, and retains up to a 100% working interest in its wells.  Its operating affiliate, CRECO Operating, LLC, now operates numerous oil and gas wells in both Oklahoma and Kansas.

The minimization and control of finding costs are fundamental to the company’s business philosophy.  All drilling decisions are made after a careful consideration of the cost per barrel of oil or gas equivalent that will be added to the company’s reserve base.  By controlling finding costs, the company is able to maximize financial returns while mitigating the impact of volatile oil and gas prices. 

The company has enjoyed significant drilling success and growth during recent years. We will continue to seek growth through our proven business strategies.