Brandon Donovan

Manager of Operations

Brandon Donovan has many years of experience as an operations and drilling engineer.   Prior to joining Cardinal River Energy, Mr. Donovan worked as a mechanical engineer and well planner for Great White Directional Services and Intrepid Directional Drilling.   Thereafter, he worked at Chesapeake Energy Corporation as a drilling engineer in the Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford basins.  While at Chesapeake, Mr. Donovan was responsible for well planning for over 75 wells in the Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford areas, prepared well AFEs, and managed drilling operations.  Prior to 2019, Mr. Donovan was a drilling and operations engineer at Cardinal River Energy.  In 2019 Mr. Donovan became the Manager of Operations at both Cardinal River Operating, LLC and River Rock Operating, LLC.  He graduated in 2005 from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and has completed several specialty courses in well planning, well control, drilling fluids, etc.